How We Work

Saudi Arabia has ideal locations for filming and production with diverse nature. We assist in choosing and preparing these sites to meet your needs and ideas.

We enjoy our work in providing comprehensive productions support services. We are focused on enabling the film producers & agencies to succeed by providing all the necessary and required pre-production and Production support services and logistics in Saudi Arabia.

At Harmony Production, we don’t just share knowledge; we embed it into the heart of your operations. Our approach begins with Tailored Strategies, meticulously crafted to align with your project’s unique dynamics. With Expert Guidance from industry veterans, we navigate you through the knowledge transfer journey, from inception to full integration. Our commitment doesn’t end with the transfer; we ensure that the essence of this knowledge blossoms within your teams, fostering innovation and growth

Why Us

Choosing Harmony Production means opting for a partner that places Comprehensive Approach at the forefront. We guarantee Seamless Integration of crucial knowledge into your existing framework, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefit. Our Quality Assurance is not just a promise, it’s a pillar of our partnership, ensuring that the knowledge we transfer is precise, practical, and always up-to-date. With us, you have a commitment to excellence that continues to thrive through Continuous Support.

We deliver innovation and agility by providing reliable solutions for your film production sites.


  • We are Reliable
  • We are Innovative
  • We Provide Control
  • We are Agile
  • We are Flexible
  • We are Intelligent

Our Values

Our core values are the compass that guides our knowledge transfer processes. We believe in Partnership that goes beyond transactions, fostering real growth and development. Innovation is at the heart of our methods, ensuring that the knowledge we share is not only relevant but also revolutionary. We uphold Excellence in our services, reflecting the depth and quality of our expertise. Integrity ensures that our guidance is always trustworthy and transparent, leading you to sustained success.

    • Reliability
    • Innovation
    • Control
    • Agility
    • Flexibility
    • Intelligence

    Our Services

    Explore our suite of services designed to empower your team with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. From initial strategy formulation to hands-on implementation, our experts are with you every step of the way. And our relationship doesn’t end with the project; we offer Continuous Support to ensure that the transferred knowledge remains a catalyst for your ongoing growth and evolution

    Film Production Logistics & Remote Area Services

    Manpower Services

    Provide necessary labor for all needs. such as Labors and Drivers.

    Logistics Services

    Provide necessary logistics

    Equipment Transfer & Relocation Services

    Transfer equipment and tools between filming locations in the shortest possible time

    Portable Toilets

    For Production Locations & Worksites

    Portable Platforms

    Platforms, Stands, and Directional Panels

    Filmmaking Workstations & Equipment

    Make-up Mirrors, and Folding Chairs

    Partitions & Walling Solutions

    Partitions, Curtains, Floor-to-Ceiling Walling, and Dividers

    Vehicle Modification Services

    Equipping & Modifying Cars

    Manufacturing & Pre-Production Services

    Utilities & Site Preparation Services

    Electrical Work Services

    Wiring, dividers, and generators

    Construction Work Services

    Leveling Grounds for bases and photocopying site. Also providing unit, locations, cleaning services, and production assistance.

    Utilities & Supplies Services

    Provide the supplies needed by all departments. This includes supplying:

    • Row materials
    • Equipment
    • Heavy machine
    • Vehicles
    • Devices
    • Building items

    Our Projects

    Desert Worrier

    Hollywood movie project based on a true story that happened in the Arabian peninsula.

    1 Year

    Rise of Witches

    MBC TV series project, fantasia story based on the novel of Saherat Arab Stan.

    6 Months

    Million Dollar Land

    Adventure game show project.

    3 Months

    The Lamb

    MBC movie project, local story.

    6 Months

    The Cage

    Turkish movie project

    6 Months


    MBC game show.

    2 Months

    They Found Us

    Space movie project.



    local movie from Tabuk.



    Bollywood movie partial shooting in SA/Neom.

    1 Month


    international perfume brand commercial

    2 Weeks

    Al Gaid

    Telfaz 11 production company, movie project, local story


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